No matter what our career or our lifestyle, we rarely spend time thinking about ourselves. We rely on guesswork every day when we get dressed!!


For that reason most of us have wardrobes full of black, blue or grey - but are they really the best colours for you? 

I'm Lesley Wrankmore & I'm the the Principal Consultant here at CMB-Solent, and a multi-award winning Personal Stylist and Image Consultant - so you know you're in safe hands!


My goal is to give you the confidence to stand out in the right way, be bold & be a little bit brave with the clothes you select - start your journey now and get in touch!


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Only about 10% of the British population should actually wear black - but 90% of us rely on it as the basis for our wardrobe - and thats the same for Men and Women.


There are far more colours than BLACK, GREY and Navy!!


And, we only ever wear about 20% of the clothes that we actually own. The other 80% just sit there gathering dust and a complete waste of money and space.


Wouldn't it be good to take the guesswork out of your wardrobe and start wearing the colours and clothes that really suit you - making you look and feel AMAZING!! You might even find some of the clothes you already own (but have forgotten about) actually look fabulous too!!



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Lesley Wrankmore (CMB-Solent), Multi Award Winning Colour me Beautiful Consultant & named Best UK Image Consultant in 2015, and already in 2018 I have received and award from Colour me Beautiful as one of their top Consultants.


Fully trained in Colour, Style, Personal Image, Bridal Image and Corporate Image for both Men & Women. 


If your Personal Image needs a "shake up" or an injection of colour then ...

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Lesley Wrankmore Coprorate & Executive Personal Branding - shaking up the image of people behind the Corporate Brand

We are currently in the process of building website dedicated to our Corporate Image and Marketing Clients.


For full details on our bespoke Personal Branding & Corporate Excellence Programmes, please click here or contact Lesley via email

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