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One thing to like about winter is putting on a gorgeous pair of boots. Casual or smart, short or long, there is something almost reassuring about boots. Perhaps it is because they are both stylish and sturdy. Your boots can make a statement or they can blend in with your look. Styles are so varied these days that you can find a ‘one-boot-fits-all-occasions’ but ideally, you want at least one pair for daily wear and one smarter pair.

Buckle detail is a key look for boots this season and there are more mid-calf lengths around. However, there is something for everyone including wedges, lace-ups, stud detail, cowboy, crepe heels, fur-lined, riding boots and more.

The ankle boot is probably the most versatile for day to night but you must choose carefully and make sure the top of the boot is the right width and sits at a flattering part of your ankle. If you are short in the leg you should avoid the mid-ankle look as it will appear to chop your ankle making your legs look shorter. Stick to a neater fit that sits lower on the ankle.

To make shorter legs appear longer you should match the colour of your tights or trousers to your ankle boots (or shoe boots) so as not to break up the leg. If you would rather go for a colourful boot but don’t want to wear tights in the same shade, try to keep your tights and your outfit a similar colour. If you have long legs then mixing up colours won’t be a problem for you.

The shoe boot is generally a more dressy look so it’s perfect for smarter but sturdier evening footwear in winter.

You can’t help make a statement in knee high boots, even with the more casual styles. The trick is to make sure you are making the right statement and achieving the look you want. It can be a struggle getting a knee high that fits comfortably around your calf which sits at the right point – ideally just above your calf or just below your knee . You will need to shop around to find a style that works for you.

Try several styles before you buy and make sure you get not just great looking boots, but boots that look great on you.


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